Naviter OUDIE 2
SeeYou Oudie

OUDIE Features

Large 5 inch Screen
Sunlight readable screen
Brightness 800-1000 NITS

Preinstalled SeeYou Mobile
Worldwide vector maps installed

Inbuilt GPS
Convenient stand alone operation

Portrait & Landscape Orientations

Bluetooth Communication

RJ45 Data Cable for FLARM connection

A very economically priced portable all in one flight computer

OUDIE is a Personal Gliding Assistant which aims at providing everything a glider pilot needs in one simple package. Oudie ships with all cables which are required to connect to your flight data recorder or GPS, a basic suction cup holder as well as car and wall chargers. SeeYou Mobile and ConnectMe are preinstalled

SeeYou Mobile
displays the following information Moving Map Navigation, In Flight Statistics, Airspace Warning, Task Details, In Flight Optimisation, Final Glide Information, Thermal Assistant, Flarm Display (when attached to Flarm device), Team Position and much more. Click here to read more

Due to popular demand Naviter are now offering OUDIE 2 with the bright screen also with SeeYou Mobile in trial mode. This is for customers who have already got SeeYou Mobile.

OUDIE 2 Lite is delivered complete – with all neccessary cables to connect it to your gliding instruments, including a power and serial cable. It is also complete software wise – with worldwide maps preinstalled on the device, SeeYou Mobile ready-to-go after you insert your license code.

You can install other software, including the free ones if you wish.


Screen Size - 5 inch diagonally

Brightness - 800-1000 NITS

Screen Resolution - 480 x 272 pixels

Overall Size - 135 x 86 x 14mm

Internal Memory - 4GB
(2GB used for Vector Maps Installed)

Memory Expansion - Micro SD Card Slot

Delivered in the box


Suction Cup Cradle (Cradle could be mounted to an instrument panel quite easily)

AC Power Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

RJ45 Cable for Flarm connection (Serial Adaptor Included)

USB Cable for PC Connection

RJ45 to Serial Adapters for connecting to external accesories.
Example - CAI302 Vario, Borgelt B800 Vario or LX Vario.
In addition to all of the above you get FREE LOCAL SUPPORT from Al at Go Soaring

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Not sure whether to purchase OUDIE 2 or OUDIE IGC - Click here to see OUDIE Camparison Chart

OUDIE Accessories
OUDIE Carry Case

OUDIE Carry case
Protect your OUDIE from dust and dirt, and damage with this tough carry case.

Price: AUD $14.95


OUDIE on RAM Mount

RAM Mount for OUDIE
For when you don't want to use the suction mount on your canopy and would prefer to hard mount to your glider.
The 10cm RAM arm couples to the two gimble balls for easy movement of your OUDIE to a position that suits your ergonomics. The overall distance from the mounting plate to the front of the OUDIE is approximately 15cm.
Includes - RAM Components and OUDIE Cradle fully assembled.
We use the cradle that comes with your new OUDIE.

Price: AUD $58.50


OUDIE Cradle

OUDIE Cradle
Can be used as replacement or to mount to your OUDIE on your instrument panel.

Click here for image of OUDIE mounted on panel.

OUDIE Cradle

Price: AUD $4.00


OUDIE Stylus

OUDIE Stylus

Price: AUD $1.20


External Power Supply and Charger
EBAY is a good source of external power supplies.
Do a search for "Powerbank

Specifications to look for -
- USB 5v output
2 outputs with one providing 1A and the other 2A output (use the 2A to power your OUDIE.
- Capacity - look for 6000mAh plus

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OUDIE 2 - SeeYou Mobile Preinstalled with License Key - All ready to go
SPECIAL $55 Discount, Normal Retail $930 - Sale Price $777.27 + GST = AUD $875.00


While Stock Last

SeeYou Bundle - OUDIE 2 + SeeYou for PC. Android and IOS Bundle
SPECIAL $55 Discount, Normal Retail $1099 - Sale Price $930.90 + GST = AUD $1024.00


OUDIE Help File
OUDIE Competition Tutorial for Assigned Area Tasks - by Richard Frawley