SeeYou Mobile Tour - Overview

Moving Map
Vector maps are sharp. They offer correct detail at all zoom settings. Additional features like Task, Airspace Warning, Waypoints Wind and Final glide make the display clear, readable and informative.

In Flight Statistics
In-flight statistics are important to understand what you are doing while airborne. What's in the past? What has to be the future to make the goal? See the Statistics page.

Airspace Warning
With the ever more complicated airspace, an easy to understand airspace warning is compulsory at all levels of flying cross-country.

Task Declaration
Design and control the Task you are flying. Do it at briefing or shortly before takeoff. You can upload it to the GPS with a single click of a button.

In Flight Optimization
Optimizations for the Online Contest, Free Flight and FAI Triangles are built into the Navigation Boxes of SeeYou Mobile.

Thermal Assistant
Thermal assistant should help you remain centered in a lift when you have better things to do than focus 100% on circling

FAI Triangle Assistant
FAI Triangle assistant allows you to fly the largest possible free FAI Triangle even without declaration. It adapts itself to your flight and makes simple, yet accurate suggestions.

Multiple Profiles
Profiles enable you to use SeeYou Mobile in several locations and different gliders without having to change settings all the time.

Flarm Integration
Collision avoidance with Flarm and breakthrough voice warning technology

The team feature lets you show or hide your position. Depending on who receives the information.

All of the SeeYou Mobile options can be set up through its comprehensive yet simple and clear Settings dialog.

Mobile Wizard
Copy Maps, Airspace, Waypoints and Settings through one simple dialog.