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Glider Canopy Cover
Go Soaring Silver Canopy Covers
Manufactured from silver lycra they provide excellent protection for your canopy, instruments and the interior of your cockpit, and you while sitting in the blazing sun.

They are designed for use on the grid or while rigging. They don't replace your standard canopy cover for traveling as they don't allow the canopy to lock.

Simple to fit - the cover stretches over and around the edges of your canopy. Easy to remove when the tug pulls up slip the cover off and fold and store behind your head during flight.

All covers come with a protective carry bag.

Covers are suitable for side and forward opening canopy's.

Available in 3 sizes

Medium - to suit LS3, 4, 6 & 8, ASW19 & 20,HPH 304, Mosquito, LAK17
Price: AUD $135.00


Large - to suit JS1, ASW24, 27, 28 & ASG29, Nimbus, SZD55, ASH26
Price: AUD $145.00

Extra Large - to suit Duo Discus & Nimbus 4DM
Price: AUD $210.00

We can make covers to order, please just give Al a call to discuss.

If your glider is not on the list or you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.