Mountain High Oxygen Systems

Two Pilot Systems

There is many options available, it depends if you have an exisiting system which you would like to upgrade, you are looking for a fully portable system or system you want to fit to your glider or aircraft.

An oxygen system is made up primarily of five parts -

> Cylinder / Valve - you can choose between Aluminium, Kevlar or Carbon Fibre Cylinders in a variety of sizes
> Regulator - this delivers oxygen to your selected dispensing unit at a consistent pressure
> Dispenser - this controls the amount oxygen delivered to you
> Personal Delivery - depending on your requirements you can use a cannula or facemask
> Transfiller - this is what you use to fill your bottle with oxygen

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements, we will advise you on what best suits your need and will give you a competitive quote. We can also provide local advise on where to get oxygen, the process and transfilling your MH cylinder.

* Kit Pricing below is approximate, we use the exchange of the day to calculate your purchase price. Please note all kits are from latest stock.
Delivery time for kits is approximately 7-10days
Basic Kit - when you have your own cylinder & regulator refer instruction manual to establish it is suitable
This includes the EDS Unit, Batteries & Cannula. Approx Cost A$ * POA

Full Kit
The Full Kit includes - click here for image of kit
> EDS unit - including batteries and heavy duty velcro strips to attach the unit inside your cockpit.
> Regulator - XCR-540
> MH Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder - you have a choice of sizes - click here for Cylinder Specifications
> Cannula x 2
> Face mask
> All tubing required
> Instructions
> GorTex
carry bag (protects cylinder and regulator, comes with D rings and straps for safely securing) or you
can have Mounting Brackets (for securing the bottle in your glider or aircraft)

The following Aluminium cylinders are well suited for systems you would like to be portable so as you can use it in different gliders.
Cylinder Size Diameter Length Weight Duration using EDS2 unit-Hrs
Approx Cost A$ *
AL248 Litre 11.1cm 32.4cm 2.0kg 7.6 @ 10,000ft / 3.7 @ 15,000ft
The following larger sized cylinders are probably better suited to being mounted in the glider using suitable mounting brackets. Refer Cylinder Specifications for cylinder diameter and length.
AL415 Litre 11.1cm 47.4cm 2.7kg 12.7 @ 10,000ft / 6.1 @ 15,000ft
AL647 Litre 13.3cm 46.0cm 3.8kg 19.8 @ 10,000ft / 9.6 @ 15,000ft
AL682 Litre 11.1cm 68.6cm 3.9kg 20.9 @ 10,000ft / 10.1 @ 15,000ft
* Approx Cost - Kit Pricing above is approximate. Please call 07 5499 4636 or email for a accurate quote as we use the exchange of the day to calculate your purchase price. Please note all kits are from latest stock.
Delivery time - approximately 7 days
Freight - we use UPS because they provide insurance, fast and reliable delivery, and order tracking (we know exactlly were your order is at all times) We do not use USPS (United States Postal Service) - inadequate insurance, history has shown they can be unreliable with on time delivery and no tracking outside of the US.
Systems are also available with Kevlar or Carbon Fibre cylinders. Please email or phone for info & pricing.
Transfiller - this allows you to refill your bottle from a oxygen cylinder bottle provided by local companies such as BOC. Don't hesitate to call if you have any queries. Note prices are cheaper when purchased with kits.
TR-875 Price: AUD $436.00

CGA540 to Type 10 (for industrial cylinders) Price: AUD $540.00

TR-870Y Adapter - for new Medical Cylinder Valves Price: AUD $157.00

Mounting Brackets - click here for images
The CMK 'OMEGA' type bracket cylinder mounting kit is a rigid, low-profile, high-strength method of securing aluminum or composite-fiber cylinders to a flat surface. With the CMK brackets bolted in place, the cylinder is held into place by a set of stainless steel taut-bands.

Technical Data Sheets - CMK Taut Band Data Sheet - CMK Bracket Data Sheet
Mounting Brackets to suit - 180lt cylinders Price: AUD $175.00

Mounting Brackets to suit - 248, 415 & 682lt cylinders Price: AUD $180.00