Mountain High Oxygen Systems

Go Soaring are agents for the Mountain High range of Oxygen Systems and parts. We can assist glider, hang glider and general aviation pilots with advise and oxygen sysyems to suit your requirements.

Don't hesitate to call to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a competitve quote.

Mountain High manufacture the very popular 'Portable Pulse Demand - EDS' units. While it is a legal requirement to use Supplementary Oxygen above 10,000ft it has been proven that the use of oxygen below 10,000ft reduces physical and mental fatigue. EDS delivers a measured amount of oxygen that is only output when you breathe in. The constant flow systems waste allot of oxygen. The average user will enjoy a duration increase of two to three times per bottle using a EDS unit compared to the constant flow systems.

The built in Barometer adjusts for Altitude increase while reducing your work load in the cockpit. No more forgetting to tweak your oxygen flow during ascent and descent with a manual system .

Oxygen flow can be set to commence at ground level or a given altitude. The unit can be set to Fully or Semi Automatic or Manual.

> Mode N - oxygen is delivered from when you turn it on.

> Mode D - oxygen flow commences from a given altitude,
5,000 or 10,000ft

> Mode F - used when wearing a face mask and it delivers an
enriched flow of oxygen. Useful for pilots who find that the
standard flow is not sufficient.

You can purchase a EDS unit to use with your existing oxygen system or if you are purchasing your first system then we have good news. You can purchase a complete system with all the bits you need and very portable. Very handy for pilots who are looking for system they can use in any glider.

Kits contain the following
> EDS unit - including batteries and heavy duty velcro strips
> MH Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder & Regulator
> Canula
> Face mask
> All tubing required
> Instructions and GorTex carry bag or Brackets