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The Morning Glory
- Burketown, North Queensland - Australia
Date - Sept / Oct 07
There is a few theory's as to how the Morning Glory Cloud forms but the following many think is happening. The roll clouds are created by a clash between opposing Coral Sea and Gulf of Carpentaria sea breezes over the spine of Cape York. When conditions are right this conflict pushes moist air up to considerable heights. As it cools, the water-laden air descends rapidly, generating a shock wave effect which becomes a series of roll clouds moving rapidly south west across the Gulf. They arrive in the Burketown area in the early hours of the morning. It was when they cross the coast at sunrise that motor glider pilots are in there element to surf the leading edge of this amazing weather phenomena.

There is many theory's on how to predict the day before whether nature is going to deliver on the next sunrise. One is that allot of condensation builds up on the beer fridges the night before. We think that the local pub spun that one to insure you were their every night.

The facts are you have be prepared to get out of bed each day at 4.15am, prepare your aircraft in the dark and wait for first light to see if nature has delivered.

Nature delivered no less than 4 Morning Glory's over the 10 days we were their. We were very lucky, many people have come previously and got none. Friends from Adelaide had been up twice before with no luck, on this their third trip luck was on their side.

The following are some images of the Morning Glory, a link at the bottom of the images will take you to my club Pacific Soaring's Photo Gallery of our very memorable trip.

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